The Work at Home Mom's Guide
To Start an
Online Home Business

Ever considered building an online home business? Which way do you go?

The aim of this website is to assist you put up a framework in place to help start out your internet home business on the right foot.

online home business

For starters, we're going to tackle some criteria that will make the process less overwhelming. These include :-

  1. Manage time better
  2. Have a basic understanding of how money works
  3. Be willing to make some mindset shifts

All set to get the ball rolling?

     Do-able Steps To Build Your Online Business

The following 9 steps (1 optional) give you a rough idea of what starting and building a home online business entails :-

- Nail down a topic you are passionate about, around which you build your business.

- Pinpoint your target market. Who are you trying to reach?

- Choose from a variety of internet home business models. You can base this mainly by determining the primary source of income potential from your online activity. Then see which one fits you best.

-  Seek and find products and/or services focusing on your chosen segment's needs.

-  Leverage what you know and package it into your own information product/s. (optional).

-  Map out an online Marketing Plan outline.

-  Attract an audience (traffic) to your business - what to offer to turn them into prospects, then customers and ultimately clients by:-

  • Creating a website and/or blog, which you fill with good useful information - an essential tool for your home online business.
  • Obtaining a few good quality, relevant inbound links - these are links from other sites that link to your website.
  • Providing links from your site to other related sites.  These are called outbound links and their main scope is to add value to your visitor. 
  • Tapping into social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Flickr.

-  Finding the right tools to maximize your online marketing.  These include:-

  • Creating free content  - e.g. articles, videos, blogposts, reports, questionnaires.
  • Paying for Advertising - e.g. building PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns (optional).

-  Monetize

Along the way you might consider outsourcing - hiring people to help you in areas you may find difficult or taking you a lot of time.

This site also offers you a brief explanation of some basic internet jargon you come across. Plus free downloadable e-books and resources related to online home business.

Please keep in mind that building and growing an online home business is a constant work in progress. Plan it all out now. Have a clear insight of what your business is going to look like and work backwards. Then tweak and adjust along the way. Start now and with what you're at. All the pieces will eventually fit together.


Let's cut through all the noise and start building your home online business!

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