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How To Create Your Marketing

As soon as you set to plan your marketing, start working on this online marketing strategy which will serve as the core to all your marketing efforts.

Side note - Before you proceed, it will be helpful to go through the page entitled “Marketing Mindset – Understanding how your customers are wired”. If you complete the exercise at the end of the page above, you’ll have the first 2 steps to coin your message completed.

With all the noise that’s occurring on the Internet, your prospective customers have to filter all the information coming their way. As soon as they feel baffled with all the choices available, they’re simply going to mentally block the whole lot and stop taking any sort of action.

To top it all, many people have been ripped off and are very cautious on who to trust online.

This is why you as a small business owner need to differentiate yourself so that you get your prospect’s attention - who will be open to listen to you and what you have to offer.

One online marketing strategy that works wonders is to connect with your audience on an emotional level. Understand what their emotional needs are.

You do this by zooming into the other person’s situation. Imagine what’s it like to be in their position. Picture things from their perspective. And then, you’ll be able to realize what their worries, fears, insecurities, dreams and objectives are.

We all know that the average person buys instinctively. They are not looking for the features of a product. Rarely, do they buy after evaluating all the pluses and minuses of the good or service.

Normally, people buy things to make them feel better.

What we need to do with this info, is to find and focus on the emotional needs of our prospective customers.

I was listening to a tutorial very recently, and thought of sharing this example to help you make the connection between marketing and emotions.

Let me ask you a question :-

Why do you think a middle aged gentleman would buy a fancy bright red new sports car?

Is it because it’s safe? Or perhaps for its massive horsepower engine or brilliant handling? Maybe it’s ultra luxurious with walnut wood interiors?

The reply is a big NO. There are emotional forces that are triggering him into buying. These may include :-

  1. wishing to get the attention of a younger lady he fancies
  2. looking to get a date
  3. trying to make himself better after a bad experience
  4. always owned a second hand car and wants to treat himself
  5. wants to impress his colleagues

Can you notice how you can merge marketing with emotional needs?

Now, let’s go through a completely different scenario, a case that’s happening in real time :-

At the moment, in the country where I reside, you’ll find a whole fluster among citizens my age, late 30s early 40s, since the government is no longer promising that there will be sufficient funds to sustain our pensions in full, if any at all. In the meantime, retirement age has been gradually increased from 61 to 65.

Now imagine you’re an investment advisor (licensed by the appropriate authorities) and you identified your target market as 40+ individuals, working full-time, holding middle management levels, single, no kids.

Let’s try and get to the root of their concern. What exactly is bothering them the most? Is it that :-

  1. They’re afraid it would not be sufficient to cater for their basic needs?
  2. They’re noticing their parents are already not keeping up with a decent lifestyle?
  3. They’re worried they wouldn’t be able to finance their dream holiday they have been fantasizing about?
  4. They’re concerned they have to keep on working indefinitely?
  5. They’re truly preoccupied they receive no pension at all?

You, as an advisor can offer an investment plan that ensures full back up in case state pension does not materializes and thus, will get them out of this preoccupation and have peace of mind.

Which message do you think works better :-

Put Your Mind At Rest And Live Your Dream When You Retire


25 year Investment Plan with good return.

Contact me for further details.

Tel No.

Start Formulating Your Message By Following The Steps Below :-

  1. Identify exactly who you’re talking to.
  2. Then make these two lists :-
    • Things people want to achieve, desires and objectives
    • Things they don’t want, things that are causing them distress, things they want to avoid.
  3. Go deep until you figure out their most pressing problem (from 2 lists above). Nail down what their No. 1 hot emotional button is.
  4. What is it that they want (answer to 3 above) that your business offers?
  5. Start working on crafting a compelling message. Make it short and sweet but straight to the point.
  6. Use this ‘motto’ (No. 5 above) consistently whenever you’re planning any marketing campaigns.

Sidenote – If you’re an infopreneur, you can use this exercise to lay the groundwork for building your information product/s.  When building a product, give out step by step guidance on how to meet their most urgent worry. Ideally, you create multiple products, concentrating on resolving one important need at a time.

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