Online Business Ideas -
5 Great Ways To Earn While At Home -
Part 1

Thanks to the emergence of the Internet, the volume of online business ideas you can engage in today, is greater than ever.

Online business ventures are particularly sought after nowadays.

Aside from earning you money without ever having to leave your home, most require little to no capital, needing just a computer and internet connection to get started.

This article lists down five different money making possibilities available online. Along each suggested activity is a brief description about the nature of the business.

1.  Affiliate Business

A lot of people entering the internet business world start with this business model.

Your task as an affiliate is to promote someone else’s products and/or services by attracting prospects and directing them to the site of the individual/company you sign up with. By completing a required action, eg. click on an ad, fill in a form and/or purchase a product, you get paid an affiliate commission. Terms and conditions vary from one affiliate program to another.

Benefits include – no inventory, no need to process orders, no need to ship goods, no managing of customer care, etc. The company you represent will take care of it all. You supply the marketing.

To do this, you need to build a website or a blog, which you fill with fresh and high quality content. It is important that you choose a topic that you love and already know something about and focus on a particular segment of the market. Click to learn more.

2. Become an Infopreneur

Do you know enough about a topic to actually package the information and sell it online?

This is what an infopreneur does. His business is all about turning his knowledge into products, then promotes and offers them for sale.

Information products come in various forms, such as e-books, audio cds, dvds, membership sites, teleseminars - to name a few.

You must be willing to research and study your subject and stay current with what goes on in the industry.

Popular topics are those that offer tips & techniques and most importantly solutions on health and wellness, dating, personal development, business and finance.

(Side note – These are really broad subjects, so you must definitely narrow down the niche of your choice).

Creating your own information product takes time, work and commitment but the potential is high.

3. Coaching

This business model is all about offering life-enhancing advice online.

There comes a time in many people’s lives when situations bring them down, are at a halt or plainly sitting on the fence. These people often look online for help, seeking guidance from life coaches who can help pull them through in times of crisis.

It’s helping others achieve a result of some sort. Obviously, you must have an area of expertise that you can coach people about. It may be on being a better parent, lose weight, improve a relationship, start and/or grow a business, sports… the list goes on. Find one that pertains best to you and focus on it.

If you have excellent communication skills, a talent for unlocking hidden potential and experience in inspiring those around you, this may be your online business niche.

In order to become a full fledged coach and start helping others in need, you may apply for coach training certification from an accredited online school, and build your website and clientele from there.

4. Online Network Marketing

A lot of people looking for extra income from home get into Network Marketing, also called Multi Level Marketing (MLM), without knowing they’re entering into one form of business.

In MLM, you can make money mainly from two sources :-

  • by buying the company’s products at wholesale and selling at retail, and
  • by sponsoring others into the company and building an organization. This also gives the possibility of earning royalties and bonuses.

It is standard practice that when you decide to join an MLM company, you need to be ‘recommended’ by someone who is already a distributor.

On registering, you are normally charged an initial fee which usually includes a starter pack. Here you will find information on the business together with tools and resources on how to market the products and the business opportunity. Some companies also include a few of their core products for you to try out.

If it is your intention to get into Network Marketing, it would be smart of you to start the business online. Using the right strategies, you can build a name for yourself plus you will have the option to monetize in various other methods.

5. Virtual Assistant Business

One of the most limited resources of business owners is time. Because they need to leverage their time better to focus on building and growing their business, they determine the things that waste most of their time and assign them to freelance virtual assistants (also referred to as VA).

Virtual assistants are called as such because they operate completely away from the client’s place of work – sometimes even across the globe. For the most part, they work from home and communicate with their customers through email and/or Skype.

A VA can offer his/her services to a number of clients or they might work primarily for a single business.

Some of the tasks that entrepreneurs outsource to VAs to reduce their workload include typing, technical writing, blogging, research, clerical services, graphic design, email marketing, website development and bookkeeping.

There are even specialized virtual assistant positions, such as those involving paralegal or legal assistant work.

In some cases, you may need specialized training.

If you have experience in any of the above or other skills, there's no reason why you can't start and run your own Virtual Assistant business from home.

Continue reading for more online business ideas.

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