5 Internet Business Ideas -
Doable Ways To Monetize Online
Part 2

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The Internet has changed the way that we live, work, and do business. Just 20 years ago, it would have been hard to imagine having a work-at-home job that didn’t simply consist of busy-work for some giant corporation. Stuffing envelopes or selling Avon seemed to be the primary options for moms and others who wanted to work at home.

Technology has changed all of that. Today, you can provide a number of products and services from home via the Internet. With more and more fields going online, your options are growing every day.

Here’s a look at five quick-start internet business ideas you can do from home in your own time.

1.  Online Writer

If you have a firm grasp of the language and a desire to learn and master your writing skills, you can work at home online as a writer. There are several different types of online writing businesses, including :-

  • Content writer. People hire these people to create content material for articles, ezines, blogs, squidoo lenses, webpages for information sites and even translation and proofreading, amongst others.
  • Copywriter. Copywriters produce marketing content for clients. This involves writing online advertising pieces such as e-mails, sales letters and creating promotional content for the client’s website. Good copywriters are able to write persuasive copy, that is, writing in a way that inspires people to take action.
  • Blogger. Blogging has become a tremendously profitable endeavour for some people. Find your niche, build and grow your audience, and you’ll have plenty of companies wanting to place advertisements on your blog. As a rule of thumb, blogs are time-based, meaning the information given out is the most recent. So, you must be willing to stay current in your chosen topic and as such write fresh and high quality content on a regular basis.
  • Creative writer. There are a number of creative writing models you can use to make money online, as well. From electronically self-publishing a novel to composing fiction, literature, childrens’ stories and drama, opportunities abound.

Your ability to write in different styles and voices will determine whether this is a good fit for you.

2.  Publishing

There are a number of ways you can work in this field from home. Infact, it is said that anyone engaged in online activity is somewhat in the publishing sector, by means of how businesses communicate their message to the public, be it e-mails, newsletters, blog posts etc.

One example might be working in graphic design. You can create business logos, web banners, brochures and/or advertisements.

Depending on your skills and available resources, you might even be able to physically publish newsletters, brochures, bulk mailings and more.

Another way to put your foot in the publishing realm is the ‘Inbox Magazine’ model. Similar to an offline traditional magazine, you bring together a group of experts who provide content for your website.

For a publishing business, qualifications can vary. A background or training in graphic design can be helpful, as can experience in marketing.

3.  Selling e-goods

Selling digitized goods that are deliverable and payable through the Internet is one of the most fuss free ways to engage in trade online.

Electronic goods or e-goods can be anything from photographs to illustrations, artwork, e-books, training courses, video and audio files, or software.

As long as it is digitized and is downloadable, then you’ve got yourself a product.

Whether you create these products yourself or resell them for others (earning a commission) is up to you. What is very important is to make sure you spend a lot of time studying your market. Find what their needs are FIRST and THEN help them solve their problem or achieve the result that they want with the product/s you provide.

4.  Selling Services

The new digital age is making infinite possibilities to connect people. More and more individuals are searching the internet to find the right person who can attend to their needs. And this is where you could come in the picture!

Whether you’re a translator, a teacher, a lawyer, a chiropractor or an accountant (to name a few), you can use the knowledge and experience that you have and “transfer” it to the online world, by offering your specialized services to those searching for it.  It doesn’t matter if your audience is nearby or overseas.

One good thing about service selling is that there are no tangible products involved and thus no need to worry about storage, packing or shipping of actual goods.

Getting people to hire you for your services requires some good online marketing strategies. A well-constructed informational website, building a strong relationship with your clients and establishing a brand name are what will make your service and business successful in the long run.

A good way to promote your service is through testimonials on your website or a video of your service being carried out.

Start by asking yourself “What expertise or skills do I have that I can offer to others?”.

You might also consider working for a company selling their services online. For instance, there are a number of talented programmer agencies in India that utilize contractors in the United States to act as intermediaries between them and companies who need programming.

5.  Webmaster

Companies don’t always have the knowledge or expertise to create their own websites. That’s where you can come in. If you have a working knowledge of web site software and Content Management Software, you have a skill that businesses need.

Webmaster duties can vary from custom-designing web page templates to installing and maintaining online shopping cart software. In some cases, you might add on other services, such as social media marketing or copywriting for your webmaster customers, too.

Formal computer programming training will definitely help, but there are also many out there that are self-taught.

Ultimately, your choice of internet business depends on several factors. Your own skills, education, experience, character and desire play a big part. Not to mention the time you’re willing to commit to this venture.

None of these internet business ideas will get you rich quick overnight or act as a magic pill to your situation. However, if you work smart on a consistent basis and you're good at what you do there’s plenty of potential for success.

Explore all your options today. Find one that fits you, then get out there and make it happen.

All you have to do is start.

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