How to Connect with your
Niche Market

Creating a successful internet-based business means making a real connection with your niche market.

It means narrowing your niche to the point where there are plenty of unmet needs, yet there’s not much competition so as to make success a long shot.

Once you pinpoint your target market, you’ve got to study them – understand their mindset.

Discover what they need and identify ways to help your customers feel better and improve their lives.  Very often, people know what their problem is, they just don't know how to solve it.

Connect with these people and focus on those areas where they’re experiencing a great pain, fear or urgency. 

8 Ways Of How To Interact With Your Niche Market

  • Start a group on a social networking site.
    Go to your preferred social network site, whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other and
  • Initiate a discussion with your group.
    Ask your social networking friends and followers some questions. Find out what their biggest challenges or concerns are. Read and listen to their opinions, and ask more probing questions to better understand. Eventually, you’ll start to see some patterns and even opportunities for new niches that you hadn’t previously considered.
  • Create a survey.
    Connect with prospects and ask about their biggest fears, greatest challenges, most perplexing difficulties, and deepest wants. Question about their goals, and what they’re trying to accomplish in their daily lives. Look at all the responses, and you’ll soon start getting ideas to create or find a product to meet their pressing needs.
  • Determine the best way to deliver the solution to their problem.
    Ask your prospects how they’d like to consume the information that solves their problem. Would they prefer printed books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, webinars, videos, meetings, seminars, or some other format?
  • Connect with your niche market in blogs, forums, and discussion boards.
    Connecting with people in your social media circles is effective, but you need to spread out a bit as well. Start commenting on blogs, forums, groups etc. You’ll see dialogue happening in real time.
    You find these by doing a Google search for forums, discussion boards and other types of groups related to your niche. In your search, include the word “forums,” “groups,” or “discussion boards” inside quotation marks in order to help Google find what you’re looking for. In the example below, the topic is online home business.
  • In those venues, look for unanswered questions.
    Connect with people asking questions in those group and forum settings especially those whose queries have remained without a reply. Step in and provide solutions.
  • Research offline trends, too.
    Follow what’s going on in the non-internet world. Go to book shops. Check out magazines and books that your target market are likely to be reading, and get a feel for what’s current (and maybe even for further identification of needs).
  • Look at competitor feedback.
    Look at the comments and feedback that customers give to your competition. What’s their overall feeling? Is there anything that customers don’t like about your competitors’ products and services? Look for strengths, too. Figure out what shortcomings other products have and make sure your product doesn’t fall into the same trap.

Connecting with your niche market is essential to your success. Learn to understand your target market’s wants and needs, and strive to provide them with an appealing solution. That’s what will make your business grow.

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